Move In/Out Cleaning

Moving can be downright overwhelming, so why take on the cleaning too? If you are moving out of a rental, a professional move out cleaning will go a long way toward getting your deposit back.  If you're selling your home, let Clean Vibz Kzoo get it fresh and clean and ready for showing. If you're moving into a new house or apartment, our move in cleaning services will get your new place clean and sanitized and ready for move in.

Move In/Out Cleaning Services

Clean Vibz Kzoo's move out cleaning services are perfect for getting your house or apartment cleaned up and ready for the next occupant.  Whether your moving out of a rental and want your deposit back or selling your home, we can get your old place thoroughly clean.  

Our move in cleaning services will get your new place clean and sanitized and ready for move in.  We will even wipe out all cabinets and drawers so they're ready for you to start putting away your things.  

What You Can Expect

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Hand wash all cabinet exteriors
  • Wash the interior of all cabinets
  • Wash the inside of the fridge & stove
  • Clean microwave (inside and out)
  • Scrub countertops and backsplash
  • Clean and sanitize sink
  • Clean/Polish all appliance exteriors
  • Clean the sides of the dishwasher door
  • Dust light fixtures (2-step stool)
  • Detail clean under electric range burners
  • Remove trash
  • Vacuum and disinfect kitchen floor

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Detail clean shower, tub, tile and grout
  • Clean shower door
  • Disinfect toilet and toilet area
  • Clean mirrors (Streak-free)
  • Countertops washed
  • Sink cleaned and faucet polished
  • Wipe all reachable light fixtures
  • Hand wash cabinet fronts
  • Wash baseboards
  • Hand wash interior of cabinets
  • Remove trash
  • Vacuum and disinfect bathroom floors

All Rooms

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust ceiling fans/wipe blades if reachable with a step stool
  • Hand wipe all reachable light fixtures (2-step stool)
  • Wash light switches and doorknobs
  • Hand wipe doors and door frames
  • Hand wipe windowsills
  • Hand wash baseboards
  • Hand wash blinds
  • Hand wipe or polish built in cabinetry
  • Wash inside of closets
  • Wipe banister and spindles
  • Vacuum all floors/mop hard surface floors
  • Vacuum carpet edges with attachment
  • Vacuum stairs
  • Clean entry glass doors
  • Clean mirrors
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